Winter Doldrums Gathering cont.


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Daylilies in the article are:
Stolen Treasure by H. Dougherty,
1996 and Dune Needlepoint by
O. Pauley, 1986

The talk is designed to teach you how to create dynamic images in the garden and is a primer on the latest digital image-making tools, from cameras to smart phones to postproduction software and apps. Matthew will show you how to become a better, more intuitive artist in the landscape, help you foster a deeper understanding of design and aesthetics, and encourage you to develop your own visual sensibility – through hundreds of his own thought-provoking images of landscapes, plants, still-lives and gardens.

“Stunning Succulents” coming
to April Meeting

We were sorry to cancel our January meeting, but the weather forecast indicated that the snow would make it difficult for people traveling to the meeting. We wanted everyone to be safe.
Denise Maurer, who was to talk to us on succulents at that meeting, has kindly agreed to give the talk at our meeting on April 18th! Everyone will be able to enjoy her insights on growing these wonderful plants.