No New Babysitters for 2020


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Daylilies in the article are:
Spring Star by Celichowski, 2014;
Merryspring by S. Shaw, 2014
and Cobbs Hill Spring by Zettek, 2018

By Frank Almquist & Sharon Gallucci

A few weeks ago we reviewed the Babysitter Program inventory (plants in member gardens) and found we have way too many. With the change in return plants policy from five to seven or more fans, and the great plant shopping by Sharon, we currently have 92 plants outstanding. Drop in attendance at the member auction has also cut back on dollar return to the program. It is hard to buy a new cultivar in the hundred dollar range, grow it to five or six fans then get a good return on two double fans. The change to a larger returning clump helped with more fans available, consequently, the bidding price more acceptable to members. All this considered, we have a lot of plants to grow and return for auction.

Until we work down this inventory and recoup some of the dollars invested, the committee is recommending we forego purchasing new plants. Those now growing in member gardens are all great cultivars, have excellent parents, with wonderful features, e.g. bloom quality, branching, etc. These plants will do well at auction, after they clump up a bit.

Soooooooooo – now is the time to get your babysitter plants growing; also time to follow the Bryan Culver practice of early feeding. Spread a handful your favorite general