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Double Daylilies: Twice the Fun, Editor Scott Elliott. The definitive guide to double daylilies. This is the first American Hemerocallis Society publication devoted solely to the double daylily form. The book begins with The History of Double Flowers in the American Hemerocallis Society, written by David Kirchhoff. This chapter follows the development of the double daylily form beginning with H. ‘Kwanso’ and ending around the year 2000. Chapter Two is an illustrated guide to the double form complete with methods to distinguish it from the other forms, especially forms often

mistakenly confused as doubles, such as polymerous and cristate. Chapter Three is a scientific discussion on what make a double ‘double’ and why it can occasionally be difficult to obtain consistent doubling. Chapter Four, The Hybridizers: Part 1 highlights the 12 most prominent current hybridizers of double daylilies, with extensive profiles of each. Chapter Five continues the profiles in The Hybridizers: Part 2, by Bruce Kovach, highlighting another 21 hybridizers. This is followed by Chapter Six, Awards and Honors; a compilation of the individual cultivar awards received by double daylilies in the American Hemerocallis Society. Pictures of all the most recent winning cultivars are included. The book concludes with perhaps the most exciting chapter, The Future: Seedlings and Future Introductions. In this chapter, a panel of 15 double hybridizers chose 73 seedlings, out of the many hundreds submitted, as best representing the cutting edge and future of doubles for the next few years. 110 pages, 341 full color illustrations, softbound; first edition January 2016. Paperback from $20.00 and Kindle at $9.99. Photo in article is Island Christmas Party by Rasmussen, 2004

The Duties
of the Chairperson:

• Appoint new or reappoint
  committee chairs after
  the election

• Set dates for meetings at the
  Cooperative Extension
  and Colonie Library

• Insure Treasurer sends
  Insurance Certificate to
  the Cooperative Extension

• Insure auction plants are selected
  for the Members’ Sale

• Be available if Babysitter Committee
  needs help

• Submit paperwork for a table at the
  spring Garden Show

• Prepare and submit article for the
  Regional newsletter twice a year

• Make sure there’s a committee for the
  annual sale and tasks are outlined so
  everything is done on time

• Keep and update a calendar of events to
  insure all tasks by operating committees
  are accomplished on a timely basis and in
  time for the event

• Keep in touch with Regional leaders to be
  informed about Regional events.
  Make arrangements for attendance at
  Regional meetings

Christmas Hugs by Shooter, 2013