2017 Winter Doldrums Party

2016 AHS Artistic Image Award
Ginny Pearce, Region 2
‘Big Red Wagon’ with tree frog


Whip City Flames of Haiti
L. Jones, 2017


Big Honking Cream Smoothie
L. Jones, 2017


Daylilies on facing page:
Tracker Jacker, Mike Holmes, 2017
Sweet Chance, Sandy Holmes, 2017

auction plants will begin their search for plants for the coming season.

Our meeting in March will be held March 25th at the flower show at HVCC. HADS will provide tickets for entrance into the show.


Tom Mack has graciously donated Grace’s daylilies to the club. We will move them to the Display Garden and make a new memorial garden for past members.

Respectfully submitted,
Stephanie Kronau

Winter Doldrums Party

The Winter Doldrums Party on February 19th is being hosted this year by the Hosta Society. Kathy Purdy will be speaking on ways to help combat cabin fever with the help of your garden. As a person who spends a lot of time in the winter staring out the windows at the garden, plotting and planning and just daydreaming, I am looking forward to Kathy’s program with anticipation. Kathy Purdy’s website is:
Kathy writes a very interesting blog and has a wealth of information on her website. Stay tuned for more information on Kathy and the program in the February newsletter.


American Hemerocallis Society Region 4, Inc. Daylilies in the Great Northeast Winter 2016 issue Volume 9, Issue 2