2019 Regional Meeting

2017 Stout Silver Medal Winner
Heavenly United We Stand, Gossard, 2009

2017 Lenington All American Winner
God Save the Queen, Morss, 2005

2017 Extra Large Diameter Award
Linda Bell, T. Bell, 2011

getting the swap organized for next year. September may be a good month to hold the plant swap – and instead of limiting the plants to daylilies, we could open it up to all kinds of plants – perennials, houseplants, etc.

2019 Regional Meeting

The Long Island Daylily Society (LIDS) invites you to join us Friday, July 19 through Saturday, July 20, in Long Island, New York, for the 2019 AHS Region Four Meeting. Our guest speaker is hybridizer Gil Stelter, owner of Gryphon Gardens in Guelph, Ontario. Gryphon Gardens was an AHS Region Four tour garden in 2011. Gil will present his program on Saturday evening following the banquet and business meeting. The host hotel is:
the HILTON LONG ISLAND / HUNTINGTON 1 631-577-1506 598
Broad Hollow Road, Melville NY 11747
Mention “LIDS” to get the reservation group rate of $165 per night.

Your registration includes the Saturday bus tour and four meals: Friday buffet dinner followed by an auction, Saturday grab and go breakfast on your way to three garden tours, Saturday lunch and tour at Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay, NY, and Saturday evening sit down banquet, business meeting and program by Gil Stelter.

Please celebrate daylilies with us on July 19-20. Visit with old friends and make new friends while we all have “Fun in the Sun” on Long Island—you won’t want to miss it!

Check our website for details about each tour garden, open gardens, our speaker, fun things to do while you’re on Long Island, and more –

HADS will have a bus going to the meeting in July – mark your calendars!

November Meeting

While we are still working on our program for the November meeting, we will be moving to the William K Sanford Town Library in Colonie for our November and January meetings. The November meeting is on the 3rd – earlier than usual, but hopefully still entertaining!

2018 Calendar of Events

2018 Calendar of Events

August 13th and 14th
– Dig Days

August 16th and 17th
– Prep Days

August 18th
Annual Sale at
Faddegon’s Nursery

September 15th
Daylily Swap

October 13th
Note Change in Date
– combined meeting with
Hosta Society –
Amy Ziffer, speaker

November – TBD

December 8th
Holiday Party with UNYHS –
location TBD

The Albany Co-Cooperative Ext.
is located at 24 Martin Road,
Voorheesville, NY. 12186.
Meetings begin at 10 am
unless otherwise noted.

The William K Sanford
Town Library is located at
629 Albany Shaker Rd,
Loudonville,NY 12211.
Meetings begin at 10am
unless otherwise noted.

Shimmering Glimmer by
Trimmer-Limmer, 2001

The daylily in the heading is
Rich in Mercy by Emmerich, 2008

Annual Sale

Our main source of income for the club is our Annual Sale. It is through the hard work and generosity of our members that we are able to finance many of our events throughout the year. The daylilies that we sell are all donated by members from their gardens and we have lots and lots of beautiful daylilies for the sale. Any help you can give is sincerely appreciated. Even if you can only spare a few hours to lend a hand, it makes a lighter load for others.

Monday, August 13th at 8 am we will meet at Christl Schmidt’s house to dig the daylilies Christl is donating. Her address is 23 Tanners Lane, Rensselaer, NY 12144.

Tuesday, August 14th at 8 am we will meet at Marge Moon’s house to dig her donated daylilies. Marge’s address is 555 Grooms Rd., Clifton Park, NY 12065

Marge has also generously volunteered her yard for our work days. All the donated plants will be gathered at Marge’s house. We will meet there at 8 am on Thursday, August 16th and Friday, August 17th. The daylily clumps need to be washed of all soil, divided into individual fans, washed again and dried, and sorted into bags (which have been previously labeled with all the information on each daylily). They are then placed in boxes for transport to Faddegon’s on Saturday morning. It is an arduous and exacting process and it usually takes us the two full days to complete all the clumps We are thankful for any help you are able to give us. HADS provides lunch on both days for the workers.

Saturday, August 18th is Sale Day and we meet at Faddegon’s at 7 am to string up the signs and pictures and lay out the daylilies. We also set up two small tents for the members who will be totaling the costs for the customers and taking the money. People who are looking to buy start arriving early, but cannot come into the enclosure until 9 am. The sale runs until noon. We then have to clean up all our paraphernalia to leave the area neat and clean. Most of the workers meet at a local restaurant to have lunch, celebrate and relax.

Daylily Sale


Co-Chairs – Bill Wurster
(518) 786-3105 and
Cindi Jones (518) 598-3366

Secretary – vacant

Treasurer – Carol Volungus
(518) 383-0447

Committee Chairs
Programs – Speakers

Debi Chowdhury

Historian – vacant

Newsletter Editor
Stephanie Kronau

Hospitality – Barbara Sander
and Don Constantino

Sunshine – Debi Chowdhury

Babysitter Plants
Frank Almquist
and Sharon Gallucci

Display Garden
Pat & Don Salhoff

Website – Janet Spychalski

Photographer – Cindi Jones

Membership – Carol Volungus
4 Applewood Dr.,
Rexford. NY 12148

Publicity – Cathy Fruhauf

Daylilies in the Sale are:

Aerially Inclined Margaret Seawright
Age Of Aquarius Marginal Way
Aggressively Feminine Mary Ruffin
Alexa Kathryn Mask of Zorro
Always A Pleasure Micro Wave
Annick Verhaert Midnight Angel
April Fools Mignon
August Frost Milano Rocket
Autumn Fires Mohawk Chief
Awesome Artist Moonlight Dance
Baby Moon Cafe Moonlit Masquarade
Best Kept Secret Morocco
Big George Opera Elegance
Blackberry Candy Orange Velvet
Bold and Brassy Orchid Ice
Breath of Blue Air Painted Bunting
Carpenter’s Shavings Pandora’s Box
Cajun Two Step Paula Heisen
Castle Camelot Pink Ambrosia
Castle Camelot Pink Cotton Candy
Celestial Beauty Popeye
Celestial Eyes Promises Promises
Centrifugal Forces Pumpkin Moonshine
Chance Encounter Purple Many Faces
Charles Johnston Purple Rabbits
Chrystal Blue Lake Raptor Rap
Clarissa’s Charisma Red Peacemaker
Cleo Renie’s Delight
Cool One Rich in Mercy
Daring Dilemma Ring the Bells of Heaven
Darkside Royal Celebration
Dena Marie’s Sister Ruby Sentinal
Desert Princess Ruby Throat
Designer Delight Ruffled Buds
Dream Catcher Ruffled Storm
Drums Along the Mohawk Rufus
Electric Circus Salieri
Elegantissima San Ignacio

Something New

Something New

An idea was suggested at the Picnic that we have a Daylily Swap at the September meeting. Everyone liked the idea so we thought we’d try it out.

Some of the details still need to be worked out, but the idea is that you bring in a couple of fans of one of your special daylilies and then you get to swap your fans with someone else who has a daylily you may be interested in adding to your garden.

By September, most of our daylilies are done blooming and it will be easy to remove the fans you want to bring to the swap.

You will need to bring in a picture of the daylily you are bringing and other information such as height, flower size, etc. so people will be able to judge what it looks like and how it grows.

More details will come in the September issue of the newsletter – watch this space!

Alexa Kathryn by J. Kinnebrew, 2003

Evening Concerto Sandra’s Smile
Exotic Candy Seventy-Six Trombones
Finlandia Gold Shaka Zulu
Flamenco Queen Sherry Lane Carr
Flight into Egypt Shimmering Glimmer
Flight Into Egypt Siloam Button Box
Flirtatious Wink Siloam Fine Art
Fooled Me Soft Summer Night
Frances Joiner Spacecoast Sea Shells
Frans Hals Spacecoast Technical Knockout
Free Burma Spanish Harlem
Greywoods River Dancer Stardust Lady
H. citrina var. vespertina Strauss Waltz
H. coreana Strawberry Candy
Hazel Sundance Kid
Hee Hee Surprise Encounter
Holiday Delight Swallowtail Kite
Hook and Ladder Sweet Sammie
Hootchie Mama Sweet Sammy
Hush Little Baby Swiss Diplomat
Illini Destiny Third Witch
Illini Jackpot Tigerling
Indy Flame Tikal Maid
Jean Topaz Gem
Jellyfish Jealousy Topguns Lola Scott
Jen Melon Topguns Pleasant Surprise
Judge Roy Bean Tropical Depression
Katahdin Truly Angelic
Kathy Rood Type Alpha
Lake Tear Of The Clouds Vatican City
Late Summer Fling Vatican City
Lavender Stardust Venous Blood
Leah Abbot Viola Vernetta
Ledgewood’s Winter Memories Watson Park Tempest
Lies and Lipstick Wedding Band
Lime Frost Welcome Home
Longlesson Summer Gift Which Way Jim
Lucia Mae Whistling Oyster
Majestic Fortune Who Dey!
Mandalay Bay Music Yasmine

Looking for A Daylily

One of our members is looking for “Goodnight Lucy.” If you have this daylily and are willing to share it or know where it can be found, please reply to this newsletter –

Thanks so much!

Vatican City by Moldovan, 1996

Topguns Pleasant Surprise by B. Scott, 1996

Daylilies in the article are:
Electric Circus by B. Culver, 2008
Mandalay Bay Music by Salter, 2001

Notes from the Picnic

It was a lovely day for the picnic! Warm, but not hot, with a breeze. HADS purchased sandwiches from Subway so people could select a basic sandwich and add any fixin’s. There were delicious salads and desserts. Thanks to everyone who came and contributed to the fun.

Cindi took over the co-chair duties – Bill was getting ready to go to Nova Scotia for the Regional. We should have a report from him at the September meeting.

Mention was made of how lovely the Display Garden looked and a motion was made and seconded to give HADS Bucks to reward all the people who worked weeding, edging and mulching the beds. HADS Bucks can be used to purchase plants at the Annual Sale and the Members’ Auction, or even used to pay membership dues.

The 2019 Regional Meeting will be held in Long Island. The Long Island club has already reached out to us to see if we were planning on bringing a bus down to the meeting. It was decided that HADS would hire a bus to go to the Regional Meeting. The Long Island club will reimburse us for part of the cost and they can then use the bus for transportation of attendees to the gardens that we visit during the weekend. People coming from North or West of Albany may want to meet up with us in Latham and travel with us to Long Island on our bus.

A suggestion was also made that we talk to people who come to the sale at Faddegon’s as they are waiting in line to get in at 9 am and encourage them to join our club. We are always looking to increase our membership and that would be an excellent opportunity.

2018 Calendar of Events

2018 Calendar of Events

July 21st – picnic at 11:00 am
at the Gazebo

Albany Cooperative Extension
in Voorheesville

July 27t29th
Regional Meeting,
Halifax, Nova Scotia

August 18th
Annual Sale at Faddegon’s

September 15th – TBD

October 13th
Note Change in Date
combined meeting with
Hosta Society –
Amy Ziffer, speaker

November – TBD

December 8th
Holiday Party with UNYHS –
location TBD

The Albany Co-Cooperative Ext.
is located at 24 Martin Road,
Voorheesville, NY. 12186.
Meetings begin at 10 am
unless otherwise noted.

The William K Sanford
Town Library is located at
629 Albany Shaker Rd,
Loudonville,NY 12211.
Meetings begin at 10am
unless otherwise noted.

The daylily in the article is
Actual Rain by C.M. Barnes, 2015

The daylily in the heading is
Knoll Cottage Loving Kisses by
Labbe-Jones, 2017

Picnic Time!!

Join us on Saturday, July 21st at 11:00 am at the Gazebo at the Cooperative Extension offices in Voorheesville for an enjoyable picnic. HADS will supply sandwiches and drinks (water and soda). Please bring a salad or dessert to share and your beverage of choice if you don’t want soda or water. The building will be open to allow access to bathrooms and so we can get out of the weather, if there is rain. Although the way this summer is going, I don’t think we’ll have to worry about rain.

The HADS Display Garden is looking fabulous – many, many thanks to our stalwart weeders and mulch movers – Pat and Don Salhoff, Barb Owen, Barb Sander, Carol Volungus, Glen Coons, Cathy Fruhauf, Cindi Jones and Stephanie Kronau. Be sure to admire the gardens on your way to the gazebo. Also spend some time in the gardens of the Master Gardeners – they do a fantastic job and the gardens look great.

What could be better than friends, food and conversation in the gardens! So bring a friend, a dish to share and join in the fun in the gardens on Saturday.