Something New

Something New

An idea was suggested at the Picnic that we have a Daylily Swap at the September meeting. Everyone liked the idea so we thought we’d try it out.

Some of the details still need to be worked out, but the idea is that you bring in a couple of fans of one of your special daylilies and then you get to swap your fans with someone else who has a daylily you may be interested in adding to your garden.

By September, most of our daylilies are done blooming and it will be easy to remove the fans you want to bring to the swap.

You will need to bring in a picture of the daylily you are bringing and other information such as height, flower size, etc. so people will be able to judge what it looks like and how it grows.

More details will come in the September issue of the newsletter – watch this space!

Alexa Kathryn by J. Kinnebrew, 2003

Evening Concerto Sandra’s Smile
Exotic Candy Seventy-Six Trombones
Finlandia Gold Shaka Zulu
Flamenco Queen Sherry Lane Carr
Flight into Egypt Shimmering Glimmer
Flight Into Egypt Siloam Button Box
Flirtatious Wink Siloam Fine Art
Fooled Me Soft Summer Night
Frances Joiner Spacecoast Sea Shells
Frans Hals Spacecoast Technical Knockout
Free Burma Spanish Harlem
Greywoods River Dancer Stardust Lady
H. citrina var. vespertina Strauss Waltz
H. coreana Strawberry Candy
Hazel Sundance Kid
Hee Hee Surprise Encounter
Holiday Delight Swallowtail Kite
Hook and Ladder Sweet Sammie
Hootchie Mama Sweet Sammy
Hush Little Baby Swiss Diplomat
Illini Destiny Third Witch
Illini Jackpot Tigerling
Indy Flame Tikal Maid
Jean Topaz Gem
Jellyfish Jealousy Topguns Lola Scott
Jen Melon Topguns Pleasant Surprise
Judge Roy Bean Tropical Depression
Katahdin Truly Angelic
Kathy Rood Type Alpha
Lake Tear Of The Clouds Vatican City
Late Summer Fling Vatican City
Lavender Stardust Venous Blood
Leah Abbot Viola Vernetta
Ledgewood’s Winter Memories Watson Park Tempest
Lies and Lipstick Wedding Band
Lime Frost Welcome Home
Longlesson Summer Gift Which Way Jim
Lucia Mae Whistling Oyster
Majestic Fortune Who Dey!
Mandalay Bay Music Yasmine