The Duties of the Chairperson

Photos in article are:
Autumn Concerto,
Stamile-Pierce, 2010
and Autumn Memories by Salter, 2002

The Duties of the Chairperson:

  • Appoint new or reappoint committee chairs after the election
  • Set dates for meetings at the Cooperative Extension and Colonie Library
  • Insure Treasurer sends Insurance Certificate to the Cooperative Extension
  • Insure auction plants are selected for the Members’ Sale
  • Be available if Babysitter Committee needs help
  • Submit paperwork for a table at the spring Garden Show
  • Prepare and submit article for the Regional newsletter twice a year
  • Make sure there’s a committee for the annual sale and tasks are outlined so everything is done on time
  • Keep and update a calendar
    of events to insure all tasks
    by operating committees are accomplished on a timely basis and in time for the event
  • Keep in touch with Regional leaders to be informed about Regional events. Make arrangements for attendance at Regional meetings
  • Now Autumn’s fire burns
    slowly along the woods
    and day by day
    the dead leaves fall and melt.

    William Allingham

    Since members had so much fun at our first two photo contests, we thought we would repeat it again at this year’s Holiday Gathering. So please sort through all those beautiful photos you have taken! Photos must be 5″ X 7″ size with no frames or mats.

    We still feel that the cheapest place to obtain the enlargements is at Wal-Mart, Target, Rite Aid or CVS but if you know of a better source…please let us know! When you arrive at the meeting, each member who will be entering photos will select their own mat color and mount their photos. A black or white mat will be supplied. Please place your name on the back side of each photo. Each member may submit up to two (2) photos per category.

    The categories for this year’s photo contest
    are as follows:
    BEST Shade Plant (s) that is NOT a Hosta.
    BEST Hosta in a Pot (plain pot or decorative pot)
    BEST Vegetable Garden shot

    With permission, Dave Jennings would like to again scan your photos so that they can be used in one of their future newsletters. (A simple permission Form will be distributed at the meeting.) He will return originals once they are scanned for future use in our Shades of Green Newsletter if you request them.

    So please consider entering those beautiful photos and of course ribbons will be once again awarded!

    Please contact Cindy Jennings
    if you have any questions.