Annual Sale cont.


Co-Chairs – Bill Wurster
(518) 786-3105 and
Cindi Jones (518) 598-3366

Secretary – vacant

Treasurer – Carol Volungus
(518) 383-0447

Committee Chairs
Programs – Speakers

Debi Chowdhury

Historian – vacant

Newsletter Editor
Stephanie Kronau

Hospitality – Barbara Sander
and Don Constantino

Sunshine – Debi Chowdhury

Babysitter Plants
Frank Almquist
and Sharon Gallucci

Display Garden
Pat & Don Salhoff

Website – Janet Spychalski

Photographer – Cindi Jones

Membership – Carol Volungus
4 Applewood Dr.,
Rexford. NY 12148

Publicity – Cathy Fruhauf

Bayard Lombard Muscle and Blood
Bite Me My Flipper Daniel
Blue Lustre New Series
Blueberry Frost Noseferatu
Boogie My Woogie Baby Notify Ground Crew
Notify Ground Crew One Step Ahead
Broken Silence Only Forever
Bubbly Orange Velvet
Cajun Two Step Palladian Pink
Canadian Diamond Pardon Me
Cap and Bells Passion for Red
Carpet Bagger Paula Heisen
Casanova Pink Wakiki
Castle Camelot Pompeian Purple
Cat Dancer Prairie Sunset
Challenger Primal Scream
Cherry Lane Prince of Thieves
Chicago Apache Princess Pink Cheeks
Choo Choo Symphony Promises, Promises
Coyote Moon Purely Exotic
Creature of the Night Radiant Moonbeam
Crystal Blue Lake Real Gold
Dallas Star Red Bud
Darkside Red Peacemaker
Dazzling Encounter Repeated Discovery
Deliverer Rescue Me
Doc Branch Rosy Lights
Dream Catcher Royal Prestige
Driftglass Ruby Sentinel
Early Bird Ruffled Storm
English Tapestry Salieri
Etruscan Tomb Sandra Elizabeth
Fiery Moment Savannah Big Time
Flaming Wildfire Scarlet Pimpernel
Flirtacious Wink Scrambled Legs
Gangbusters Shimmering Glimmer
Gram’s Dream Siloam Double Classic
Gryffindor Colors Springfield Clan
Heavenly Starbrite Startling Creation
Hee Hee Steam Heat
Highland Lord Strauss Waltz
Holiday Song Strawberry Candy
Hook and Ladder Sundance Kid
Hurricane Bob Surprise Encounter
Illini Destiny Swallow Tail Kite
Illini Jackpot Sweeping Shadows
Island Cardinal Sweet Sammie
Itsy Bitsy Spider Theory of Magic
Jade Princess Thin Man
Jerusalem Third Witch
John Jacob Topgun’s Verna’s Prize
Judge Roy Bean Triette