Iris Society Bus Trip Open to All

Crystal Blue Lake, Yonski, 1999

Iris Society Bus Trip
Open to All

The CHIS bus trip this year is to the New York Botanical Garden for the Dale Chilhuly exhibit on Sunday, September 17th, 8:00 a.m. –
7:00 p.m. The Iris Society has been nice enough to open their trip to all
of us.

The bus will leave from Crossgates Mall, Macy’s Overflow Lot Upper
Level West End.

Cost is $50 including admission to NYBG, and bagel breakfast on the
bus (a real bargain!)

E-mail Linda Montanaro at:
right away to secure your spot.
Pay on board the bus. You are welcome to bring friends and family.

Flaming Wildfire, Rasmussen, 1996

La Petit Saboteur Tropical Depression
Lady Liz Truly Angelic
Larry Grace Tupac Amaru
Ledgewood’s Citation Tuxedo Moon
Ledgewood’s Evening Sunset Type Alpha
Ledgewood’s Jumpstart Vatican City
Leonard Bernstein Velvet Shadows
Longlesson Mango Glow Vera Biaglow
Longlesson Summer Gift Watusi Warrior
Lyrical Ballad Which Way Jim
Majestic Fortune Whistling Oyster
Mandalay Bay Windham Lavender Dream
Mask of Zorro Winsome
Mason Seedling – Big Woman’s Scorn
Plum Eye Zada Mae
Miss Jessie

Jade Princess, B. Culver, 2002

Sad News

It is with great sadness that I write of the passing of Audrey Zeh on Saturday, August 12th. Although Audrey had been too ill to
come to the meetings in recent years, she
kept up with the news of HADS, reading the UPDATE and enjoying the daylilies. Audrey was the HADS Historian for many years and it is thanks to her diligence and that of Pat and Don Salhoff in keeping the HADS records that we were able to see some of our history at
the HADS 25th birthday party last year. The service for Audrey will be private. Our
heartfelt condolences go out to her sister, Christl Schmidt.

Plants for August Sale cont.


All The Intangibles, Derrow 2016

white and pink

Dappled Dynamo, Derrow 2013


Carnelian Chameleon, Derrow 2016


Opting Out, Derrow 2016

many flowers

Rose Folly, Mason 2017

big pink

Fire In The Kitchen, Mason 2015

Dates to Note

Dates of Note:

Garden Education Day, May 20th
9 to 11 am at Cornell Cooperative
Extension, Martin Rd., Voorheesville

AHS National Convention
June 21st-24th, Norfolk, VA

Victoria Park

Victoria Park

Torpedo Fish

Torpedo Fish

Eskimo Island

Eskimo Island

Greywoods Cybersteed

Greywoods Cybersteed

Incurable Romantic

Incurable Romantic



Do You Have Babysitters? cont.

Dates of Note:

Garden Education Day, May 20th
9 to 11 am at Cornell Cooperative
Extension, Martin Rd., Voorheesville

Can-Am Classic, May 5th-6th
Ontario Daylily Society,
Mississauga Ontario

AHS National Convention
June 21st-24th, Norfolk, VA

Daylilies in article:
Ground Control to Major Tom,
Polston, 2010

Drop Shadow, Polston 2010

Flower Show

Many, many thanks to everyone who volunteered their time to help out at our tables at the Capital District Garden and Flower Show. Our display was great and that is thanks to Cindi Jones who does a wonderful job every year to make sure our space is attractive and full of flowers. Our sincere gratitude, Cindi!


Garden Education Day by Cornell Cooperative Extension

time to get pictures ready for the slideshow used at the auction. It’s very important that we let them know as soon as possible in the next couple of weeks how our babysitter plants are doing so they have time to get all the details coordinated. The success of the auction in great part depends on knowing which of the babysitter plants are coming back for sale to the members. If your babysitter has 6 or more fans, most likely it will be returned for division and sale. Because you have looked after your plant for several years, you will get a fan back to replant in your garden. In that way, mem-
bers get expensive daylilies in return for the attention and care they have taken to grow the babysitter plant. Frank and Sharon need to know the number of fans for all your babysitter plants whether or not they are ready to come back for sale.

orange lily

Please, Please contact Frank Almquist at:
or Sharon Gallucci at:
before May 3rd when you are able to tell how many fans your babysitter plants are growing this year. Thanks so much!

purple lily

I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose
I would always greet it in a garden.
~ Ruth Stout

Upstate New York Hosta Society (UNYHS) Scholarship

Daylilies to the right are:
Apple Spring, Stamile, 2009
Blush of Spring, Petit, 2005

Dates of Note:

Garden Day, April 8th
Ulster County Cooperative
Extension – held at SUNY Ulster

Can-Am Classic, May 5th-6th
Ontario Daylily Society,
Mississauga Ontario

AHS National Convention
June 21st-24th, Norfolk, VA

If you’re interested in joining the American Hemerocallis Society (AHS), Individual dues are $25.00 per year or $70.00 for three years. Youth membership – through calendar year of 18th birthday, $10.00.

A year’s subscription (four issues) to the Daylily Journal is included with each membership. All yearly memberships are on the calendar year (January – December).

Get more information on joining the American Hemerocallis Society on the AHS website:

colored american hemerocallis society logo

The major problem we have with our babysitter program is that we have not been getting good return for the fans at auction. We typically pay over $100 for a double fan. After the plant is divided and grower gets their fan, HADS seldom receives the purchase price. We, Sharon and I, would like to see the program be self-sustaining. We do not like to take money out of the treasury to buy new plants if we can avoid it.

yellow pink

Upstate New York Hosta Society (UNYHS)

This is a reminder that we recently sent out a notice that UNYHS is awarding a $500 scholarship to a qualifying high school senior. If you need more information, please contact UNYHS directly at Please remember
that the deadline for the application is April 15, 2017.

ScholarshipApplicationUNYHS2017 (1)


Looking Ahead

The speaker for our meeting on April 15th will be Barbara Pierson from White Flower Farm. Barb will talk about new perennials for 2017 and will be bringing some plants for sale. There will be more about this in the April newsletter. Hang in there – spring is coming……

Winter Doldrums Party

2016 AHS Artistic Image Award
Ginny Pearce, Region 2
‘Big Red Wagon’ with tree frog


Whip City Flames of Haiti
L. Jones, 2017


Big Honking Cream Smoothie
L. Jones, 2017


Daylilies on facing page:
Tracker Jacker, Mike Holmes, 2017
Sweet Chance, Sandy Holmes, 2017

auction plants will begin their search for plants for the coming season.

Our meeting in March will be held March 25th at the flower show at HVCC. HADS will provide tickets for entrance into the show.


Tom Mack has graciously donated Grace’s daylilies to the club. We will move them to the Display Garden and make a new memorial garden for past members.

Respectfully submitted,
Stephanie Kronau

Winter Doldrums Party

The Winter Doldrums Party on February 19th is being hosted this year by the Hosta Society. Kathy Purdy will be speaking on ways to help combat cabin fever with the help of your garden. As a person who spends a lot of time in the winter staring out the windows at the garden, plotting and planning and just daydreaming, I am looking forward to Kathy’s program with anticipation. Kathy Purdy’s website is:
Kathy writes a very interesting blog and has a wealth of information on her website. Stay tuned for more information on Kathy and the program in the February newsletter.


American Hemerocallis Society Region 4, Inc. Daylilies in the Great Northeast Winter 2016 issue Volume 9, Issue 2