2018 Calendar of Events

2018 Calendar of Events

April 21st – Frank Almquist
“Soils – What’s Under
Your Boots”

May 4th5th
Can Am Classic,
Mississauga, Ontario

May 12th
Members’ Auction

June 6th9th
National Convention,
Myrtle Beach,
South Carolina

June 16th
Babysitter Distribution

July 21st – picnic

July 27th29th
Regional Meeting,
Halifax, Nova Scotia

August 18th
Annual Sale at Faddegon’s

September 15th – TBD

October 20th
combined meeting with
Hosta Society –
Amy Ziffer, speaker

The Albany Co-Cooperative Ext.
is located at 24 Martin Road,
Voorheesville, NY. 12186.
Meetings begin at 10 am
unless otherwise noted.

The William K Sanford
Town Library is located at
629 Albany Shaker Rd,
Loudonville,NY 12211.
Meetings begin at 10am
unless otherwise noted.

Daylily in the article is
Screen Saver by
Melanie Mason, 2000

The daylily in the heading is
Lookie Loo by M. Holmes, 2016

April Meeting

Our next meeting is Saturday, April 21st
at 10 am
at The Albany County Cooperative Extension offices in Voorheesville. Frank Almquist will be telling us about “Soils – What’s Under Your Boots.” This discussion on soils will look at what makes the soil work with the plants that are covering the roots. Healthy soils consist of ground rock, minerals, clay and silt, decomposed plant and animal material that fill the voids between the larger particles. Virgin forest soils consist of millions of bacteria, fungi and other soil organisms that convert the mineral and organic matter into food that can be absorbed by plant roots. The goal of this presentation is for the attendees to understand what makes soils work so they can apply the proper amendments and obtain healthy garden soils.

So while we’re waiting for spring to show up, come discover what’s “under your boots” and join us in learning how to make it better for your garden. Bring a friend and a dish to share.

Update on Your Babysitter Plants

Even though Spring is taking its sweet time, our daylilies are trying to wake up and smell the coffee – well, wake up anyway. If yours are like mine, most have started to poke their noses up and stretch while others are sleepyheads. Those of us that have Babysitter Plants (daylilies that we are growing for HADS) need to count the number of fans on each plant and get the information to Frank Almquist falmquist@hvc.rr.com or Sharon Gallucci smgallucci@msn.com

cont. Update on Your Babysitter Plants


Co-Chairs – Bill Wurster
(518) 786-3105 and
Cindi Jones (518) 598-3366

Secretary – vacant

Treasurer – Carol Volungus
(518) 383-0447

Committee Chairs
Programs – Speakers

Debi Chowdhury

Historian – vacant

Newsletter Editor
Stephanie Kronau

Hospitality – Barbara Sander
and Don Constantino

Sunshine – Debi Chowdhury

Babysitter Plants
Frank Almquist
and Sharon Gallucci

Display Garden
Pat & Don Salhoff

Website – Janet Spychalski

Photographer – Cindi Jones

Membership – Carol Volungus
4 Applewood Dr.,
Rexford. NY 12148

Publicity – Cathy Fruhauf

Daylilies in the article are:
Shelby by Margo Reed, 2010
and Vincent and Theo by
C.M. Barnes, 2004

If your Babysitter has a sufficient number of fans, Frank or Sharon will ask you to bring it in for the Members’ Auction on May 12th.

It will then be divided for sale in the auction. You will receive a fan to return to your garden as a ‘thank you’ for taking such good care of the plant while it was growing. Whether or not your plant comes back for auction, it’s important to let Frank or Sharon know how many fans the plant has this year. Frank and Sharon keep track of the plants each year to determine their ‘garden worthiness’ and whether the plants are doing well in our climate. If they pout and refuse to grow year after year, it may be that the plant needs a warmer zone and will be given to a Region 4 society further south. In any case, please remember to update Frank and Sharon on the progress of your babysitters each year.

Update on the Members’ Auction

The Members’ Auction is only a month away but plans are already coming together to acquire interesting daylilies to entice our members. We will have some plants from Bill Waldrop, who spoke at our Doldrums party and others from Melanie Mason and other hybridizers. Many of our daylily enthusiasts buy more expensive daylilies to enjoy in their gardens. Over time the plants grow and people would like to share them, but find that the plants are just too special to sell for $10 or $15 in our annual sale at Faddegon’s.

cont. Update on the Members’ Auction

2018 National Convention

The National Convention is June 6-9, 2018, at the Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
The 2018 Convention Website is:

Contact the Sheraton hotel directly for reservations on 888-627-8203 by 5/5/18 and identify yourself as part of the Daylily Convention to receive the negotiated rate
of $149.

For more information contact convention co-chairs:

Kathy Tinius
Heidi Douglas

2018 Regional Meeting

There will be a Regional Meeting in 2018 – it will be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, July 27th to 29th. The website is up and running with hotel information, schedules and registration information. The
keynote speaker is Allan Banks, who is a member of the Nova Scotia Daylily Society and hybridizes locally in Nova Scotia. He has 30 registered daylilies.
Get more information on the website:

Daylily in the article is Siloam David Kirchhoff by P. Henry, 1986

If you are growing some special daylilies that you may wish to share with our members, we would love to include them in the Members’ Sale. If your plants have gotten big enough that you’re ready to divide them, please let Cindi Jones know. We would be pleased to offer your extra fans in the Members’ Sale.

Capital Hudson Iris Society Bus Trip

The Capital Hudson Iris Society is sponsoring a trip to Elizabeth Park Gardens in Hartford, CT on Sunday, June 10, 2018, from 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. The Wade bus will leave from the Crossgates Mall upper peripheral parking lot on the west side of the mall at 8:00 a.m. sharp.

cont. Capital Hudson Iris Society
Bus Trip

Daylily in the article is Lone Wolf by Grace-Smith, 2004

Many thanks to Betsy Thompson for generously contributing the beautiful pictures of the daylilies in the newsletter.

22nd Annual CanAm Classic

The CanAm Classic is sponsored by the Ontario Daylily Society and will be held May 4-5, 2018, at the Doubletree by Hilton Toronto Airport West Hotel, 5444 Dixie Road, Mississauga, Ontario L4W 2L2 Phone 905-624-1144

CLAUDIA CONWAY – NH Running Fox Farm
Natural Selection Daulilies
True North Daylilies
Pleasant Valley Gardens
Eric Simpson Daylilies

Early Bird registration
before April 1/18) $110 Cdn

(after April 1/18) $125 Cdn

More information on the
Ontario Daylily Society’s website:

On the way home from Hartford, we will stop at John O’Brien’s Nursery in East Granby, CT where they sell beautiful perennials, shrubs and their specialty, hostas. We expect to be home by 7:00 p.m.

The cost is $40 round trip including a bagel and juice breakfast on the bus. You do not have to be a member of the Capital Hudson Iris Society to join this trip.

Elizabeth Park is noted for its magnificent Heritage Rose Garden (the oldest municipal rose garden in the country), Rose Garden, and Perennials. We should be right on time for many of the roses and perennials. There are over 100 acres to explore at Elizabeth Park.

Anyone interested should fill out the registration form (attached below) and return it with your check to the address indicated. Registration is on a first come-first served basis. Any questions, please call Euthemia Matsoukas at 518 439-3758.

Here is the registration form for the bus trip:

CHIS Bus Trip to Elizabeth Park Gardens in Hartford