Call for Daylily Donations

Another Man’s Praise by Lysne, 2017

Dark Purple Matter by Kendig, 2014

Kennesaw Sunset by Waldrop, 2018

The list for the silent auction plants includes:

Give me books, fruit, French wine
and fine weather and a little music
out of doors.
– John Keats

Call for Daylily Donations

It isn’t too early to be thinking about the Big Annual Sale we have at Faddegon’s Nursery in August. The sale relies on donations from members of daylilies they are willing to share. If you have daylilies that have grown too big and you’re ready to split them up or have daylilies that you want to donate so you have more room for newer varieties, then do we have a deal for you! We will help you dig up your plants and take away the ones you
don’t want!!

If you have donations for this year’s sale, please let Stephanie Kronau know by e-mail ( or by phone
(518) 283-6107
. We need to know the name of the variety and how many fans you are donating. Please let Stephanie know by July 15th so we have time to get the list organized and make labels and bags for the fans. Thanks!

Roaring Fire by Waldrop, 2018

Yuletide Greetings by Lysne, 2016

2018 Calendar of Events

2018 Calendar of Events

March 24th – Meeting at the
Capital District Garden
and Flower Show at HVCC,
10 am

April 21st – Frank Almquist
“Soils – What’s Under
Your Boots”

May 4th5th
Can Am Classic,
Mississauga, Ontario

May 12th
Members’ Auction

June 6th9th
National Convention,
Myrtle Beach,
South Carolina

June 16th
Babysitter Distribution

July 21st – picnic

July 27th29th
Regional Meeting,
Halifax, Nova Scotia

August 18th
Annual Sale at Faddegon’s

September 15th – TBD

October 20th
combined meeting with
Hosta Society –
Amy Ziffer, speaker

The Albany Co-Cooperative Ext.
is located at 24 Martin Road,
Voorheesville, NY. 12186.
Meetings begin at 10 am
unless otherwise noted.

The William K Sanford
Town Library is located at
629 Albany Shaker Rd,
Loudonville,NY 12211.
Meetings begin at 10am
unless otherwise noted.

The Daylily in the heading is
Hankow Legacy by Gil Stelter,
2012 – AHS Awards for Region 4
Hybridizers 2017 –
Honorable Mention

March Meeting

Our meeting this month will be held at the
Capital District Garden and Flower Show at Hudson Valley Community College on
March 24th at 10 am. Tickets to enter the show will be provided to anyone wishing to attend the meeting. If you would like tickets, please contact Bill Wurster (518) 786-3105 or email:
or Cindi Jones (518) 598-3366 or email:

We will hold a business meeting and question and answer discussion. Coffee and pastries will be provided. More information on vendors and lectures can be found on the website:

We also have a table at the show along with the Capital Hudson Iris Society and the Upstate NY Hosta Society. If you are able to help cover the table to hand out flyers and talk to people about growing daylilies, please contact Cindi Jones.

Isabelle Rose by Ellen Laprise,
2009 AHS Awards for Region 4 Hybridizers 2017
– Honorable Mention

Looking for something to do
in January?


Co-Chairs – Bill Wurster
(518) 786-3105 and
Cindi Jones (518) 598-3366

Secretary – vacant

Treasurer – Carol Volungus
(518) 383-0447

Committee Chairs
Programs – Speakers

Debi Chowdhury

Historian – vacant

Newsletter Editor
Stephanie Kronau

Hospitality – Barbara Sander
and Don Constantino

Sunshine – Debi Chowdhury

Babysitter Plants
Frank Almquist
and Sharon Gallucci

Display Garden
Pat & Don Salhoff

Website – Janet Spychalski

Photographer – Cindi Jones

Membership – Carol Volungus
4 Applewood Dr.,
Rexford. NY 12148

Publicity – Cathy Fruhauf

You can find out more about this celebrated speaker and author and also purchase tickets at the Berkshire Botanical Garden’s website:

2018 National Convention

The National Convention is June 6-9, 2018, at the Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The 2018 Convention Website is:

Contact the Sheraton hotel directly for reservations on 888-627-8203 by 5/5/18 and identify yourself as part of the Daylily Convention to receive the negotiated rate of $149.

For more information contact convention

Kathy Tinius

Heidi Douglas

2018 Regional Meeting

There will be a Regional Meeting in 2018 – it will be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, July 27th to 29th. The website is up and running with hotel information, schedules and registration information. The keynote speaker is Allan Banks, who is a member of the Nova Scotia Daylily Society and hybridizes locally in Nova Scotia. He has 30 registered daylilies. Get more information on the website:

Daylily Books Available on Amazon cont.

Double Daylilies: Twice the Fun, Editor Scott Elliott. The definitive guide to double daylilies. This is the first American Hemerocallis Society publication devoted solely to the double daylily form. The book begins with The History of Double Flowers in the American Hemerocallis Society, written by David Kirchhoff. This chapter follows the development of the double daylily form beginning with H. ‘Kwanso’ and ending around the year 2000. Chapter Two is an illustrated guide to the double form complete with methods to distinguish it from the other forms, especially forms often

mistakenly confused as doubles, such as polymerous and cristate. Chapter Three is a scientific discussion on what make a double ‘double’ and why it can occasionally be difficult to obtain consistent doubling. Chapter Four, The Hybridizers: Part 1 highlights the 12 most prominent current hybridizers of double daylilies, with extensive profiles of each. Chapter Five continues the profiles in The Hybridizers: Part 2, by Bruce Kovach, highlighting another 21 hybridizers. This is followed by Chapter Six, Awards and Honors; a compilation of the individual cultivar awards received by double daylilies in the American Hemerocallis Society. Pictures of all the most recent winning cultivars are included. The book concludes with perhaps the most exciting chapter, The Future: Seedlings and Future Introductions. In this chapter, a panel of 15 double hybridizers chose 73 seedlings, out of the many hundreds submitted, as best representing the cutting edge and future of doubles for the next few years. 110 pages, 341 full color illustrations, softbound; first edition January 2016. Paperback from $20.00 and Kindle at $9.99. Photo in article is Island Christmas Party by Rasmussen, 2004

The Duties
of the Chairperson:

• Appoint new or reappoint
  committee chairs after
  the election

• Set dates for meetings at the
  Cooperative Extension
  and Colonie Library

• Insure Treasurer sends
  Insurance Certificate to
  the Cooperative Extension

• Insure auction plants are selected
  for the Members’ Sale

• Be available if Babysitter Committee
  needs help

• Submit paperwork for a table at the
  spring Garden Show

• Prepare and submit article for the
  Regional newsletter twice a year

• Make sure there’s a committee for the
  annual sale and tasks are outlined so
  everything is done on time

• Keep and update a calendar of events to
  insure all tasks by operating committees
  are accomplished on a timely basis and in
  time for the event

• Keep in touch with Regional leaders to be
  informed about Regional events.
  Make arrangements for attendance at
  Regional meetings

Christmas Hugs by Shooter, 2013

Notes from HADS meeting Sept. 16, 2017

Charleston Autumn Bronze by
Whiteside-Kroemer-Wuersch, 2009

Golden Autumn, Celichowski, 2017

Look of Autumn, P. Bradford, 2016

Autumn Tapestry, B. Eberts, 2015

Notes from HADS meeting September 16, 2017

We are planning on holding elections in October.

Display Garden – the garden needs weeding again. It may be necessary to dig up the daylilies, amend the soil and replace the daylilies. We are still looking to hire someone, possibly a Master Gardener, to weed the garden on a regular basis. Pat and Don will check with the Coop. Ext. to see if we can run water lines to water the garden on a regular basis.

A question arose as to whether we should continue to renew the AHS Display Garden status. After some discussion, a motion was made and seconded to keep the display garden. Pat and Don agreed to chair a committee to investigate questions of water, weeding, edging and compost. It was agreed to offer $20/hour to the person for garden maintenance – motion made and seconded and passed. We will wait for answers to questions before proceeding.

Treasurer’s Report – we sent $924 to Region after the annual sale. We had $4,436 in sales and $738 in expenses. We currently have $6,152 in a Money Market and $12,600 in the checking account. A motion was made and seconded to move money from the checking account to the money market.

There was discussion of having a second person who could sign checks in case Carol was unavailable. Carol will remain the primary person handling the accounts; the second signatory would only be needed if Carol was not able to sign checks. The Chairperson would be the second signatory. Motion was made and seconded and passed. This will be implemented after the next election.

Glorious Autumn by D. Kirchhoff, 2005

Watch out for Daylily Leafminers cont.

Dear Henry by Jablonowski-Wilson, 2004

Inherited Wealth by Carr, 1998

Screamcicle by Cochenour, 2003

your growing region. The species might overwinter as pupae in crowns or dead leaves. No effective chemical control methods have been formally tested yet. Larvae and pupae would be unaffected by contact insecticides which would likely kill predators and tiny wasp species that have been found to attack this pest.

Removal and destruction of infested leaves can reduce fly numbers in the garden. However, larvae have also been found in naturalized roadside daylily populations.

Careful examination of newly purchased daylilies will enable visibly infested leaves to be removed and destroyed, reducing the potential for bringing the pest into one’s garden. Unfortunately, small larvae can easily be overlooked in the pale tissue at the plants’ base. As more information becomes available, this entry will be further updated.

We would like to thank Gaye Williams of the Maryland Department of Agriculture, Plant Protection Section for assistance with this update. Further details concerning this pest can be found in the National Plant Diagnostic Network Newsletter September 2011 at

Thanks to Cindi Jones for bringing this pest to our attention. Warning, the leaf miner flies are being distributed around the country with plants being shipped. Watch out for the larvae on any daylilies you may get from sources outside our area. Cindi has seen the pest on potted daylilies at Lowes. The larvae are quite small and you have to look carefully to see them. Buyer beware!!! This is the fastest way to infest your garden, and is the way Craig and Mary Barnes of Slate Hill Farm Daylilies brought them home, on newly purchased plants.

Garden at the Colonie Library Blooming

The daylilies we planted at the Colonie Library are blooming prolifically in huge clumps! They look great.