October Meeting

2019-20 Calendar
of Events

October 19th – daylily hybridizer Dave Mussar

10 am at Cooperative Extension offices

November 16th – TBD will be
held at Cooperative Extension

December 14th
Holiday Party with UNYHS.

January 18th – 1:00 pm at

February 16thSunday
Winter Doldrums Party

March 28th – Meeting at
Capital District Garden and
Flower Show

April 18th – TBD

May 9th

June 20th – Members’ Sale
and Distribution of Babysitters

July 11th – Picnic

August 15th – Big Annual Sale

September 19th – TBD

October 17th – TBD

The Albany Co-Cooperative Ext.
is located at 24 Martin Road,
Voorheesville, NY. 12186.
Meetings begin at 10 am
unless otherwise noted.

The William K Sanford
Town Library is located at
629 Albany Shaker Rd,
Loudonville,NY 12211.

Daylilies in the article are:
Kendra Marie by Mussar, 2015 and Joanne Meyer
by Mussar, 2014

The daylily in the article is:
Queen of Floof by Mussar, 2019

The daylily in the heading is:
Rocky Racoon by Mussar, 2019

October Meeting

The October meeting is Saturday, October 19th at 10 am at the Cooperative Extension offices on Martin Rd. in Voorheesville. We are very excited to have Dave Mussar coming from Canada to speak to us about his daylily hybridizing program and to give us a sneak peek at his new introductions for next year.

Dave has been seriously growing and breeding daylilies for 19 years. From the beginning his focus has been to develop a spotted daylily. That has expanded to include stripes and broken colors primarily at the tetraploid level. Dave has also done a lot of work with toothy daylilies using Brother Charles Reckamp cultivars as a starting base. He has also been working on tetraploid cristate forms based on his own daylily,
Kendra Marie.

In addition, Dave has tried his hand at conversions of diploid daylilies to tetraploid daylilies, which has taken him in several other directions. Dave has served as President of the Ontario Daylily Society for a number of years, chaired the annual Can Am Classic for a long time and served Region 4 as the Regional Publicity Director for several terms.

We can order daylilies for next year, but we should wait until Dave updates his website later this fall. Perhaps we can discuss doing a combined order or if people decide to go to the Can Am next May, we could coordinate a pickup there. You can see more of Dave’s daylilies on his website:

As our gardens wind down for the fall, it’s fun to anticipate next year’s daylily season. Come join us for a look into a daylily hybridizer’s life and work – bring a friend (we are always happy to have fellow enthusiasts join us). If you can, bring a dish to share or a donation for the door prize table.